Vertical Grounds - social platforms in the sky
Fall 2012, Professor Roland Wahlroos-Ritter

The project functions as a vertical social platform for the merging forces of Culver City and the City of Los Angeles. Formally, the building reaches out one side to the metro Exposition Line Station, and the other towards downtown Culver City. The building is formed by four converging towers that meet as one - symbolic of the recognition of the fragmented nature of our current cities, Los Angeles in particular, thus the need to create a consolidated community and social platform that extends in the z-axis, rather than the traditional x and y-axis.

The building is divided into 3 main zones: neighhorhood-oriented programs are located at the bottom of the tower, visitor-oriented and commercial programs are located at the top of the building, while the business core is sandwiched in between these two zones. The skin of the building cuts in and carves away at parts of the building and transforms those void spaces into vertical sky terraces for the public. These vertical sky terraces are internally connected with multiple vertical green cavities in the building that act as both passive environmental systems as well as continue the formal language of the extention of public realm through the vertical tower.

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