Jeanette Chong

  815 S Sherbourne Dr. Apt 1
  +1(213) 572-8847


University of Southern California
School of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture
Graduated: May 2013

Hong Kong International School
Graduated: June 2008


Faculty Project Award,  (2013)
In recognition of a fifth year degree project
that represents an outstanding resolution
of a creative architecural premise

Excellence in the Visual Arts,  (2008)
High Honors,  (2004-2006)


Rhino 3D Modeling
Vray Renderings
Autodesk Revit (basic)
Grasshopper (basic)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects & Projection Mapping
HTML & CSS (Web Designing)

Cantonese (Fluent)
Mandarin Chinese & written Chinese (Fluent)
French (6 yrs)
Japanese (2 yrs)


DSH // Architecture,  Los Angeles (Jun 01 - Jul 31, 2012 & Fall 2012)
Summer Intern & Part-time
Bubeshko Spa Design, Silverlake
Created base topography model in Rhino for schematic design
Schematic design of spa variations
Renderings for proposed schemes
Para Los Ninos, Koreatown
Constructed physical model of project
AutoCAD plans and sections
St James Preschool
On-site dimensional measurements
AutoCAD technical details

Aedas Architects Limited,  Hong Kong (Jun 01 - Jul 24, 2009)
Summer Intern
Redevelopment of 3 Connaught Road, Central
Prepared diagrams for schematic design
AutoCAD reflected ceiling plans
Renovation of Sincere Insurance Building, Hong Kong
Photoshopped renderings for different renovation options
Prepared and assembled presentation booklet to the client
Wuxi Times Square, PRC
Sketchup work for 3D modeling
Photoshopped perspective renderings for presentation
Translated meeting memos (English to Simplified Chinese)


Asian Architecture & Urbanism
Study abroad program, Fall 2011
Visited many major East Asian cities to study the effects of the micro
contributions of architecture in a macro urban concern.

Collaborated with local university students for workshops
Seoul, Korea Workshop
Topic: Urban Revitalization
Collaboration: Konkuk University, Inha University
Duration: 24hr
Taichung, Taiwan Workshop
Topic: Redevelopment of old Taichung Int. Airport
Collaboration: Feng Jia University, Tamkang University
Duration: 36hr
Shanghai, China Workshop
Topic: Urban Incubator
Duration: 6 weeks

USC Asian American Tutorial Program,  (2009-2010)
Volunteer Tutor
Tutored elementary students English & Math at Castelar
Elementary School in Chinatown, Los Angeles
Participated in field trips and game days with tutees