In Passing - Spring 2013, Professor Jennifer Siegal
Faculty Project Award 2013
         "In recognition of a fifth year degree project that represents an outstanding resolution of a creative architectural premise"

Architecture has traditionally been understood as a discipline highly tied to the physical reality. This thesis questions the idea of spatial permanence as the basis of design and as its only outcome.“In Passing” is an installation that aims to create an experiment in architecture’s capacity to produce alternate forms of spatial experiences and construction - through the use of light as space-making material. By creating visual spaces with light’s untouchable essence, it encourages viewers to see in ways that are haptic - as if we can feel the light with our eyes. The qualities and sensations of the intangible are made tactile.

Left animation: shows the 2D drawing that's being projected on the wall
Right animation: shows the materialization of light as a result of the 2D drawing

Download Thesis Booklet: Click Here