Re-envision union station - california hsr los angeles
Spring 2012, Professor Andrew Liang

The regenerated Union Station area will be packed with amenities and programs, including large amounts of retail, commercial spaces, entertainment areas, leisure areas, and cultural & historical districts.The immediate surrounding of Union Station is so packed with program that the new HSR station design should take on the role as an “Urban Connector” to bridge between these different programs as well as feed people in and out of the station into the greater city of LA.

Ultimately, a station shoud function effectively. Therefore as a train station user, you require a direct and easy path of travel. However as a visitor or the general public you will have more time to pass through the station in a leisurely manner. These 2 different types of movement (direct & leisurely) should not conflict with each other, and therefore the strategy was to delaminate these layers of movement to effectively bridge various types of users through the station

Download Design Process Booklet: Click Here